perMINent is an English fansite for all international Sungmin fans regardless of nationality, race, age, gender, etc. It was created as a twitter first in March 2010. It then expanded to a forum in June 2010.

perMINent was created with three main purposes in mind. Firstly, we wanted to show people who weren't Sungmin fans more about this wonderful man that they may not know. Secondly, to keep all news, photos, videos, etc about and featuring Sungmin quickly updated and organized in one place, as well as giving a place for Sungmin fans to talk about their common interest in him. And lastly, we wanted to see Sungmin smile again!

From the word "permanent," it has multiple meanings and is a play on Sungmin's name. Most importantly, it means we are here to stay as Sungmin fans.

Permanent: (adj) long-lasting or nonfading [from Latin permanens continuing, from permanēre to stay to the end]

perMINent means forever with Sungmin!