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Rules, Hidden Content + Watermarking Must read this first before posting!

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Posted 17 April 2011 - 07:27 PM

This section is for members to post photos or fancams they have taken of Sungmin, using a perMINent.net watermark

Please read the credits first! If it states it's okay to reupload, then it's okay. If it states "Do not reupload" then DO NOT take it out of the forum! If unsure, ask the owner of the pictures/fancams first!


Main forum rules apply.
⇒ This section requires members to comment in order to see pictures. (Donators can view without commenting.) We encourage people to comment on threads that you view in here, so the poster's hard work is appreciated.
⇒ Anyone can start a thread, but you MUST post photos or fancams you personally took of Sungmin yourself that have a perMINent.net watermark! Otherwise they are not exclusive from the forum.
⇒ Do not post other people's pictures or fancams here!
⇒ If you are posting your own photos or fancams but not using perMINent.net in your watermark, then post them in the Pin-Up Boy or Star King section's thread for that event.

perMINent.net watermark

⇒ You DO NOT have to use perMINent's exclusive watermark if you do not want to. You may watermark them yourself, but you must include perMINent.net somewhere on it.
⇒ The perMINent watermark contains the following:
perminent.net ("min" is in pink and there is a pink heart following the line)
photo by your username
event of the photo

⇒ If you want to have this watermark on your photos, please PM ★broken.melody. I will put your username and the event into the watermark, and send it back to you as a transparent .png file for you to add to your photos. If you want me to put it into your photos instead, then please PM me links to your photos. I will then send them back to you for posting.

Example of our watermark: http://danhobak.net/...29/IMG_9470.jpg

⇒ I will be happy to add a watermark to your fancam for you, however you will need to upload the video file onto megaupload or mediafire so I can download in full quality. I'll add the watermark and reupload it back for you to post as you'd like. Please PM me if interested.
⇒ Fancam watermarks are the same as picture watermarks, except it will not have the event date (please let me know if you wish to have it on there).

Example of our watermark: http://danhobak.net/fancamwmex.png / http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded

How to post


⇒ Include Part # if making more than 1 thread. If doing batches, each thread should have at least 10 photos. Fancams may have individual threads if you like.


Posted Image

Posted Image

This tag makes it so members need to reply in order to see content under the hide tags. It's up to the poster to decide whether to use it (they are your pictures after all!), but this does encourage commenting.

Credits and one example photo should be left outside of the hide tags, with the rest under the hide tags. The hide tags are:


Your message should look like this:
Posted Image
@thisisNiEL | youtube
Posted Image
when I’m tired from life, I smile by looking at you
stay with me, stay with me
whenever I’m happy, I think of you first
stay with me, stay with me

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