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[110302] Birthday & Valentine's Projects Delivery Birthday, Valentines, President finale presents

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Posted 19 April 2011 - 03:40 PM

Originally posted at old forum on proboards.

Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine's Day from perMINent

Today we successfully dropped off Sungmin's gifts, birthday project and Valentine's letters! ♥ Originally we were going to give them to him while we were in Korea this week, but we weren't sure whether he had left for Taiwan, so we took them with us to Baptol's to see if Yesung's parents would be kind enough to accept them for us. And they did!

Yesung's mother told us Sungmin was in Taiwan and kindly accepted the gifts for us. Yesung's brother Jongjin will run them by the dorm and Sungmin will have them when he comes back from Taiwan and Shanghai. ^^

Here's pictures and a summary of all the gifts! (the bag says: "Being with you makes me feel so happy" :3)

Posted Image
Posted Image

The gifts at Baptol's (the black bag is a gift from Thea to Yesung)
Posted Image

Yesung's dad and Jongjin taking them (lol sorry, we took the pic through the window after we left xD)
Posted Image

Birthday gifts

Photos from vitaMINs around the world ♥ 344 total photos in 38 countries wishing Sungmin a happy birthday! (photos on top are blurred for privacy ^^)
Posted Image

Cow and chick tshirt ㅋㅋ
Posted Image

Hollister hoodie
Posted Image

Converse shoes
Posted Image

Hello Kitty in a chick outfit keychain (Thea bought this a year ago and we decided to include it since it's really cute xD)
Posted Image

Valentine's Gifts

Hearts For Min - 170 letters (letters on top are blurred for privacy ^^)
Posted Image

Phrases on the box :3 ♥
Posted Image

We were originally going to get some little cakes from his favorite place, but since he is not in Korea we couldn't do that. But we will let him know we owe him a cake in the future ^^

President Wrap-Up

A bottle of wine to congratulate him on the end of his drama ♥ It's a highly rated bottle from my home state (which is one of the best places for wine in the USA)
Posted Image

Music Note wine stoppers
Posted Image

+ custom print bag. Originally we were going to put all the gifts in this, but it was more convenient to use the big bag, so we just placed this inside with the gifts. It has a chibi!Sungmin wearing the cow & chick tshirt we bought, and around the edge of the star it lists out all 38 countries that participated in the projects ^^
Posted Image

+ a perMINent towel ♥
+ a letter explaining the gifts

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the projects and donated towards them! Now we can anticipate Sungmin coming home to our gifts ♥

List of donators ♥
Thea & Rebecca
a donator who wanted to stay anonymous ♥
@thisisNiEL | youtube
Posted Image
when I’m tired from life, I smile by looking at you
stay with me, stay with me
whenever I’m happy, I think of you first
stay with me, stay with me

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Posted 24 December 2011 - 06:14 AM

where did you get the chicken and cow t-shirt? it's so cute! i want one!

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 01:23 PM

:chickcry ]aaaaaaw , i wish i could participate :( but since i'm not living in Korea so i can't ~ how could you be so familiar with Yesung's mom ?

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Posted 20 July 2012 - 04:15 AM

these are sooo awesome..I hope I will be able to participate in these in the future.

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